Michael J. Hedges, Renaissance Man

Michael J. Hedges, Renaissance Man


Hello and Welcome. I am Michael J Hedges, actor... I have years of experience in music performance, acting, book writing, screenplay writing, and other related forms of multimedia. I have performed all forms of acting from comedy to drama. I have a knack for accents from East Indian, Caribbean, British, New England, New York,Midwestern, Southern (Kentucky & Georgia), Cuban, to West African. I am bilingual and can perform lines in Spanish. I am African-American. I can portray ages 25 to 45. I have a solid build, standing at 5'7" and 200lbs.


I am very disciplined in my diet and able to lose or gain weight efficiently for any part . I can wear a goatee or be clean shaven.I am willing to play any role. My "commercial" appeal or look has been compared to L.A. Reid, CEO of Arista Records.

I am available for roles as a main character or background personality.I am aware of "business etiquette" as far as interaction with PAs, ADs, Producers, Directors, and celebrities. I am a team player, I sell the scene! Each production I have acted in has award-winning potential! 

I am a musician and vocalist. I play bass, guitar, and keyboards by ear. My genres are neo-soul, R&B, hip hop, alternative rock, funk, and blues.I am willing to work with animals and small children. I am willing to do a significantly percentage of my own stunts. I am currently non-Union.

Thanks again for your interest. I look forward to acting for you soon!

Michael J. Hedges
(404) 707-1447